There was a time when Maxi skirts were THE thing for most women. It was one of the most comfortable and modest clothes of all time and this fact has not changed today even as we live in the 21st century of miniskirts and short dresses.

Maxi skirts still have their appeal and have not gone out of vogue even though there has been an introduction of several other trendy garments. When wearing one of these comfortable outfits one would wonder what options they have with Maxi skirts, especially black. So here are some options you can explore while wearing a black maxi skirt.

Black Vintage Skirt With a White Shirt

This lovely vintage black skirt can really light up your executive meetings with the richness it provides. The flare and the pleats have a princess appearance and looks immensely elegant when worn with a white collared shirt.

To add more buoyancy to your look wear your collar straight up with your hair neatly tied into a pony with light silver accessories.

Complete this look by combining it with a small pencil heeled sandals and a silver choker around your neck.  Ready for a grandiose entry into that boardroom?

Outfits To Wear With Black Maxi Dress

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Black Bohemian Maxi Skirt with a Loose Crop Top

Sometimes you really want to have a change from the regular attire and wear something that is different and classy.  It could be a day out shopping in the mall or a casual lunch with a friend.

You can effortlessly look beautiful and presentable with this bohemian black skirt with a loose grey crop top and a black leather belt.

You could incorporate black wedges with your hair brushed down casually or pinned up into a small bun with a few strands flowing down your face or nape.

What To Wear With Black Maxi Dress

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Simple Black Maxi Skirt with a White Halter Top

It’s a dinner date and you are short of ideas. You want to look great yet not too made up to save yourself from attracting too much attention to your clothing, what do you do? Pull out that old 90’s black maxi skirt, combine it with a white halter top and head out for an unpretentious dinner date.

If you want to create that lasting effect, curl your hair and get those eyes smoked up with a black and silver shadow with a rusted peach lipstick. A sandal with a crisscross belt may be best suited for such an attire.

Styles To Wear With Black Maxi Dress

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Black Pencil Skirt with a Crisscross Tube Top