Blackheads can be defined as small bumps appearing on the skin’s surface. They result from clogging of pores due to oil or dead skin. They are usually mild type of acne formed more commonly on face, around the nose and chin area.

However, they are also common on the chest, back, arms, neck, and shoulders. They occur most commonly during teenage or pre-menstrual period. Blackheads hinder the dream of having a smooth and clear skin. These are early symptoms of acne, a condition of the skin wherein the skin pores get blocked due to oil, grime, and dead skin.

Causes of Blackheads

Usually, blackheads form when a plug or clog develops in the mouth of hair follicles over the skin. Every follicle is contained with a hair and sebaceous gland that does the job of producing oil (sebum). This sebum functions to keep the skin soft and supple.

Blackheads Treatment – Face , Nose , Chin

When the oil and dead skin cells accumulate on the opening of the follicle, it leads to the formation of a bump, known as whiteheads or blackheads (depending upon their condition).

Some common causes leading to the formation of blackheads are:

  • Buildup of bacteria on the skin
  • Excessive oil production by the skin
  • Irritation of the hair follicles when dead skin cells do not shed regularly
  • Side effect of specific drugs
  • Hormonal changes causing increased oil production during menstruation, teenage, or intake of contraceptive pills

Some other causes that contribute a major part to the occurrence of blackheads are listed ahead. Many of us are unaware of these causes, although they are a major part of our daily lives.

# Make up

It is very harmful for your skin to sleep with make up on. Sleeping with un-cleaned makeup can cause the pores to clog. This is one of the major causes of acne and blackheads. The cosmetics used for make-up contain certain chemicals that are very harmful for the skin.

# Stress

Stress is a common thing in today’s hectic life. Well, the daily dose of stressing not only leads to premature graying of hair but also leads to cropping up of blackheads and other skin conditions. However, the reason and relation between stress and blackheads is not yet known. But, this is probably because your skin gets neglected when you are under stress.

# Caffeine and Alcohol

If you are among those who like to start the day with a cup of hot coffee or among the ones who prefer to wind down a long day of work with some wine at night, you are more susceptible to get hit by skin problems, especially blackheads. It has been revealed through studies that caffeine and alcohol have the potential to pose harmful effects on your skin.

Caffeine is known to contain such stimulants that kick-start the oil glands of the skin. Similarly, alcohol influences the sleeping patterns. Adding further, alcohol also reduces the size of pores, thus making them more prone to getting clogged.

# Diet

Your diet plays a crucial role in determining the health of your skin. What you eat reflects on your skin. There is a direct relationship between diet and blackheads. Excessive intake of sugary foods, fried foods, and foods with high carbohydrate level pose a great impact on the skin health. If you notice that intake of foods like chocolates, doughnuts, and French fries are leading to blackheads, it is high time you limit their consumption.

# Smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious for health. Well taking a puff has become all the more harmful for your skin as well. It blocks the pores, thus leading to acne formation. In addition, it also deters the treatment process of blackheads as well as other skin problems. It has been stated by experts that the smoke from cigarettes contains fine particles of ash, tar, and numerous chemicals thus damaging the skin surface. This further becomes a cause for blocked pores and dead skin cells.

Home Remedies for Blackheads – Top 20

The appearance of blackheads can make your skin look dull. Many people squeeze them out to get rid of blackheads. However, this is not the correct way to do away with blackheads. This can rather smash up your skin. Furthermore, you it is not always possible to visit a beauty parlor or using commercial products to cure this problem.