As the years passes, as the seasons change, the trends in fashion will also change. You can never guess what comes when as a sparkling star in the area of fashion. You can see something very unique and new things appear suddenly and become so popular.

Same way sometimes what you think got outdated can comeback with new feathers and steal its lost space in fashion. All these things happen even with nail art designs what you may think covers a smaller space and can be neglected. They are enough to show off your mood and creativity wherever you go.

Trends set new phases every time. You can see dull colors creating wonders and sometimes bright colors cover everything without making your outfit much boring. Choose the style which suits you, may be your skin complex, nature of your skin and your interest.

Here you have modish nail art designs to go with this year. You may feel some designs are dull, but wear them for a perfect occasion, you will definitely fall in love with the design.

Black Tribal Polka Dots Nail Art Design

Polka dots are the first choice for a passionate nail art designer. They can create wonders on the nails, when they are used in different designs or patterns. Same way tribal nail art design is another popular design which gained its popularity because of its decent and clean miniature art.

You try combining the two most famous nail art designs to get this one. It is left to you to decide the base colors and the patterns. Try different colors and designs for different occasions if you love to wear this nail art always.

Transparent Nail Art Design

Sheer nails are amazing to look. It makes someone feel curious about your nails when they see it for the first time. Be happy to let them know about your special nail art design. There is nothing much needed to get this design except a simple trick or using your usual nail paints. Apply them over your nails in a single layer in such a way to not make it look opaque. That’s all! Your transparent nails are ready to be popular among your peers.

Valentine French Nail Design

You are a French fashion lover and worried what to wear for a special evening of Valentine’s day! Here is a great idea. Never miss to have those red hearts but still there is a lot of space to appear as French nails. Dress up your nail tips using white or black or any color you wish or your dress matches and draw a red line at the intersection. Make two tiny hears scatter over your nail base. It looks very simple and lovable. It is sure that your Valentine will love to see this on you.

Autumn Nail Art Design

Autumn is a soothing season with lovely weather. In this freezing weather deciduous leaves starts falling off the trees to survive the temperature. Nature has its own beauty everything it does. The fall leaves create a beautiful mood across the people. Bring on the autumn mood on your nails using this nail art design. You can just concentrate on creating leaves only or drawing the whole tree as shown in the image also works well. Maroon, yellow, red and orange are the colors of autumn. Have them and get a pleasant look.

Scary Snake Pattern for Long Nails

Snakes have a fabulous pattern over their skin. Though we feel scared to touch them, try once to see them closely to enjoy the look of their skin.