There are varieties of materials in which neck-pieces come today, expensive metals to wood, from flowers to stones; you can choose one according to your budget to jazz the look of your cloths. You can go for neckpieces that are close to neck or the ones that hang around your neck, depending on what suits your body shape.

Hair Accessories Are Your Need

We make our hair, but is reality hair makes us. Long or short, a bob or layers, white or grey, curly or straight, there is a hair accessory for every hair. Choose wisely from the unending list. You can try varied hair styles and check which suits you the best. Keep changing your hair styles regularly to add a fresh look to your personality. Ivory color hair accessories go well with brown hair. Opt for colorful hair accessories to match your outfit. You can use more than one hair accessory but avoid overdoing them.

Nail It

You hands and feet are the most essential parts. Beautify them by applying a nail coat after you file them. Do not keep too long nails as they look untidy, and may be scary too. You can try nail art as well. In case you do not wish to apply nail polish go for transparent nail paint. It will provide a natural shine to your nails. Ensure that the nail paint on your feet and hands matches each other.

Dress According to Occasion

Not all weddings you attend are church weddings, some weddings take place on beach or some are solemnized in religious places. Try to wear dress that does not heart the sentiments of these places. Go for traditional attires for religious functions. Wear a beautiful dress to beach wedding. Please read the venue carefully when you receive the invitation. Try respecting religion and culture of others rather than sticking to your freedom to dress up.

Make It Up

Where some amount of makeup can conceal your flaws, overdoing it can work blunders. Try to conceal some marks, if you have any. Put on a pink or peach blusher that will make your skin radiate good health. Add volume to your eye lashes with a mascara. Fill in if you have some gaps in your eyebrow with a eye brow pencil. A kajal can change your looks in a blink. Always remember you are beautiful. Make up is to uplift your beautiful side not to hide your true beauty.

Wear your confidence, having done all that is written above and do not forget to carry your smile along. Marriage parties are all about chasing some fun. A little party will do you a lot of good. Do not forget to enjoy. Life is too short for wearing boring cloths, get up and dress up for the wedding party.