Wedding is the most beautiful thing to happen around; there is scrumptious food, there is playful music, there are illuminating lights, all surrounded with endless laughter, never ending happiness, pure pomp and merry mood. Marriage is not just for the two souls that are going to unite for eternity, it is a celebration for everyone who is attending it and is becoming its part.

Marriage is a time to look your best, be it your brother’s wedding or your best friend is tying knot, marriages are important, even when it is not yours. Wedding are times when you need to look your best because you need to feel important, you need to be confident and you need to be praised for; so in any ways dressing for a wedding party is very cardinal.

Dressing up for a wedding is not about an expensive designer wear dress, it is an art that needs to be coupled with numerous other things, generating the attribute of a well groomed personality. You need to keep a lot of minor things in your mind and assure that you follow them when you dress up for a marriage party.

Tips To Dress Up for a Wedding Party

Wear a Bright Colored outfit

We all like light color cloths like pastels and earthy shades but not for weddings. Opt for brighter colors, though not very shimmery and loud. Golds, pinks, blues, greens and orange looks great for wedding parties. While lighter color makes your whole look go underrated, bright colors pop up your mood and are delight for the person who looks at them.

They uplift everyone’s spirit. They also make the complexion look illuminated. One looks younger in brighter hues. A beautiful fuchsia dress can outdo your regular little black dress, how much sensual the latter may be.

Smell Good

It is essential that you smell good. Nobody likes a bad smelling woman. Wear your best perfume that is long lasting. Apply your perfume right after you take bath and have moisturized your body enough with your moisturizer Spay your perfume on your pulse points; your arm wrist, behind your ears and knees and your neck.

This will ensure that your perfume lasts longer. You can also spray some perfume on your hair brush and comb and use it on your hair. The scent in your hair will linger on you whole day.  If you feel that the perfume does not last long carry a small bottle of your perfume to the party and reapply at regular intervals. Opt for a perfume that is a mild fragrance one.

Strong fragrance can be a hell for others. Choose heavier fragrances for winters and light ones for summers. However good men perfume smell let the men wear it. Always remember you are a woman, go for female fragrances; green tea, lavender, roses, lilies suit well for women of all ages.

An Elegant Piece For Your Ears

Earring can bring charm to your dress. Always go for matching earrings. There are particular earrings to be worn with a particular kind of dress. Try mix and match your earrings with your complete outfit. Whatever be the type of earring you wear, ensure they are comfortable ones.

It is not necessary that you have to wear the big ones, the chunky ones that give pains in your ears, opt for stud earrings if you like. There are many varieties of earring available.  You do not need to invest in expensive gold and diamond jewelry. There is a lot of fashion jewelry available online and in stores.

Wear Neat and Crisp Cloths

Ensure that the dress you are wearing for the wedding party is washed up/dry cleaned and ironed well. Hang your dress on a hanger a day before and ensure all hooks, buttons, zippers and laces are in place. Remove any tags if present Its no use wearing a big designer label but which is in bad condition. Simple cloths too can look great provided you maintain them well. Clothes make you look beautiful, care for them.

Choose the Right Footwear

You cannot wear sports shoes for a wedding, nor can you wear flip flops. Opt for heels as they complement every body structure and also makes you confident from within. There are variety of options available in heels today, from kitten heels to wedges, from peep toes to platforms, prefer the ones that are stylish yet comfortable as you usually have to stand for hours in wedding parties. You do not need to buy matching footwear with every outfit. Golden and pinks can go along a lot of dresses.

Dress For the Season

A short backless dress looks great but not in winters. It is necessary that to dress for the season. Wear a sexy jacket over your dress if you feel cold. Glamorize your look with a scarf. Opt for covered boots for winter wedding. When its spring, dodge all your stockings and show some skin. Buy a classy short dress for a summer wedding. Be prepared to dress for the season.

Add a Pop of Lipstick

A lipstick is a woman’s best friend. Try out various shades. You can mix two or more shades to make a shade of your choice. You don’t need to apply bold colors like red, shades of pink too go well with many outfits. Today the cosmetic industry is flooding with liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, pencil lipsticks, crayon lipsticks.

Choose a type of lipstick you are comfortable wearing. Apply a lip balm or Vaseline on your lips before you apply a lipstick. Let your skin absorb it. Pat sum talcum powder on your lips and then apply your favorite lipstick. Take a napkin and press your lips against it and reapply your lipstick.

This will ensure that your lipstick is transfer proof and lasts long. You should also exfoliate your lips two days before going to marriage party. This will make your lips look supple and healthy.

Do Not Forget a Statement Necklace

Nothing can beat a statement necklace. Your simple dull outfit can add glory by simply wearing a statement neckpiece.