The high waist shorts are a new trend that has become quite popular in the west and continuing to be a popular summer wear. You can use this outfit in gorgeous colors for the T shirt while you can stick to denim colored shorts. Confidently go out under the sun sporting a trendy hat.


Mid-Length Zipper Skirt with Top

A simple appearance for day to day lifestyle or for office communication is always appreciated by everyone. On top of that, this also allows you to remain comfortable for a long period of time.

You can also choose to have a low color contrast look with this outfit which would be the right choice if you are working.

The dress includes a mid-length zipper skirt which is of dual tone (mostly black and white), and a transiting color top. For the footwear you can go with kitten heels or bellies.


Retro Print Top with Tennis Skirt and Stockings

You might have come across many fashion models who look absolutely gorgeous wearing these retro themed dresses. However, you can also get your own retro themed dress in a more personalized way. The outfit includes a top, a tennis skirt with stockings and a pair of boots.

The top should comfortably get tucked in to the skirt. For the lower part of the body you can go for dark colored stockings that would match your skirt’s color.

The look becomes even bolder with the use of dark colored boots. All of which makes this an amazing choice for you.


Full Sleeved Night Club Dress

This can be otherwise known as the hip dress because it highlights your hip area and the body structure beautifully. The dress is meant for clubbing or night parties for which it totally delivers the right elegance.

You can have your own favorite color for this dress but it is suggested that you should go with a dark color, especially black.

The full sleeved design keeps your appearance uniform and you would not require to sport any prominent jewelry because of the slash neck design of the dress.


Tunic Skirt with Sweater

The tunic skirt might be an outdated idea of fashion for girls, but this fall, it might be your trendsetting outfit to look up to. The outfit consists of a casual top, a sleek sweater and a tunic skirt.