Exfoliation of skin is important as it helps in removing dry and dead skin cells from the skin surface. This helps the skin to breathe and remain healthy. However, pollution and other factors contribute greatly to deposition of dirt and dust on the skin.

On this, oils, sebum, sweat etc also gets accumulated on the skin surface leading to blocking of skin pores. Using soap is not enough to remove all the harmful elements from the skin surface. And this is where skin exfoliation comes into the picture.

Scalp cleansing is as important as skin cleansing

You might not know that along with skin cleansing, the scalp of your head also needs thorough cleansing from time to time so that better hair growth is promoted. And this cleansing is not possible only with shampoo. Scalp cleansing scrubs are used so that the oils, sebum and dirt are removed from the scalp.

As a result, clogging of hair follicles can be restricted greatly. Blood circulation to the scalp also gets better with thorough scalp scrubbing and this helps in making the hair follicles stronger, promoting proper hair growth. Along with hair growth, the hair becomes stronger, longer and shinier.

The process of scalp scrubbing is also highly effective for people who suffer from the problems of dandruff. Since scrubbing leads to the natural flow of oils in the scalp, the problem of dandruff can be computed easily as dandruff formation takes place when the scalp dries up and becomes flaky.

Using Natural Ingredients For hair Cleansing Scrubs

If you are looking for healthy hair growth, it is imperative that you have to take care of scalp health. There are many scalps scrubbing products available in the market, but they might contain harsh chemicals and cause side effects.

Instead of these products, it is better to use readily available natural ingredients for scalp scrubbing and cleansing. These ingredients when used in the right manner can help in keeping the scalp clean and healthy and promote hair growth successfully.

Homemade scalp cleansing scrubs that can promote health and better hair growth

Brown Sugar Scrub and Oatmeal

The scrub made from brown sugar and oatmeal is highly effective for scalp cleansing. The dead skin cells get removed from the scalp with the help of brown sugar. On the other hand, oatmeal has anti-bacterial properties. As a result, problems of scalp itchiness and dandruff can be kept under control with this amazing scalp scrub.

To make the scrub, you will need grounded oatmeal powder about 2 teaspoons, brown sugar about 2 teaspoons, conditioner about 1 tablespoon and almond oil about 10 drops. Take a bowl and mix the grounded oatmeal powder and brown sugar. After thorough mixing, stir in the conditioner and add almond oil.

Take a spoon and mix well till all the said ingredients blend well with one another. Scrub your scalp with this mixture for about 5 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly and dry with a towel. The scalp has a light and fresh feeling after using this amazing scrub.

Tea Tree Oil And Cornmeal

Both the ingredients used in the scalp cleansing scrub, namely cornmeal and tea tree oil are excellent items for scalp health. Cornmeal works towards removing all kinds of buildup from the scalp without depleting the natural oils from the scalp.