Coconut oil is counted among the super-foods. It is extracted from the meat or kernel of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palms. The high content of saturated fats results in slow oxidization thus making it resistant to acidification and further making it last for more than six months.

Coconut oil features a wide array of health benefits along with benefits for hair and skin as well as some uses around the house.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil – Top 10

Coconut oil is highly popular and easily available in grocery stores. It is a super food with a powerhouse used not only in the kitchen, but also provides numerous other health benefits besides being used in different beauty products. Virgin coconut oil provides a positive influence on every aspect of the human body.

These influences are tested and then confirmed by scientific research. Some of the amazing health benefits provided by coconut oil include:

1. High Energy Level

The key content of coconut oil, unlike other saturated fats, includes the MCTs – medium chained triglycerides. The metabolic process of these fats is far different from the long chain triglycerides, found largely in dairy and meat products. The digested MCTs do not get stored as fats in the body.

Rather, they are directly transported to the liver to be converted into energy instantly. Daily consumption of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on an empty stomach can help to boost the energy levels by about 5% in an average period of 24 hours.

2. Normal Functioning of Brain

After digestion, the MCTs contained in coconut oil, travel straight to the liver and get synthesized to form key-tone bodies. These chemically formed compounds provide a positive effect on different brain disorders, particularly Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

Additionally, key-tone bodies also offer an alternate energy source for brain cells devoid of capability to process glucose, which is one of the main causes for Alzheimer’s.

3. Fights Infection

The structure of the total fatty acid content of coconut oil is comprised with almost 50% of medium chain triglyceride lauric acid. This is what makes it amazing all-purpose oil.

Besides all the other amazing health benefits provided by coconut oil, lauric acid functions as an excellent anti-microbial that helps to kill protozoa, bacteria, and fungi.

Coconut oil does this by dissolving the cellular walls. If you want to raise your immunity against infections, add a daily serving of coconut oil to your diet. Coconut oil consumption also helps healing of ulcers in the stomach lining.

4. Aids Weight Loss