The importance of placement of the tattoo design is as significant as that of the content and meaning of the tattoo art. Hand tattoos are less popular when we speak in terms of the palms.

Tattoos on arms, wrist, and fingers are more common. When women think of inking their arm they know how much painful the task is going to be, thus sporting some design on the hand or arm would mean something really important to these women.

Hand tattoos are many a times rebellious expressions. Hand tattoos always convey beautiful message to the world. Hands are our most required assets to shape up our imaginations and creativity. Many pretty as well as bold tattoo prints can be carved on the hands.

Palm – the most delicate part of the hand consists of many off the beat tattoo designs for a courageous look. Hand tattooing is the art that reveals the significance of hands in our lives.

Pink Butterfly On Hand For Cheery Appeal

Tattoos on hand are presented in delicate designs. Butterflies are delicate, chirpy, beautiful and thus they make perfect tattoo option for women of all ages. Butterflies can be etched in many colors and can have differently designed wings for beautiful appearance. Pink colored butterfly adds a feminine touch to the tattoo design.

Awesome Quoted Tattoo On The Arm For Women

You may have seen many quotes inscribed on peoples bodies. This lovely form of tattoo art is very inspiring and motivating. If you want to etch wonderful phrases on your arms, stop your search here. The beautiful words carved on to the skin below the elbows are catchy and meaningful. These words describe the special person in your life. Add his name to the tattoo design to showcase your eternal love.

Mandala-Style Arm Band Tattoo Art For Ornate Appearance

If it’s a tattoo for women, it needs to have an ornate touch. Accessorize your arm permanently with this lovely piece of tattoo band. The mandala-style tattoo design forms a cute arm band just above the wrist. The cute floral artwork would be more attractive if injected with colors. However, mandalas are inked in black only. This variant model of mandala adds depth to the tattoo design.

Beautiful Rose And Text Tattoo Art On Finger For Girls

Pretty women look pettier in rose tattoo designs. Roses are complicated forms of tattoo design have various meanings. Differently colored roses have different ideations and meanings. A stylish shaded red rose symbolizes love and romance. The tattooist has added a quote which embarks the long lasting relationship and never ending love. The detailing for tattoo has been completed with a fallen petal on the thumb. What a marvelous expression of love!

Side Hand Tattoo Art With Cute Bow Pattern

Bow patterns for tattooing are feminine choices. Guys opt for bow designs only as a bow tie. The cute pink tinted bow on the side of the hand looks simple yet intriguing. Bow designs are ancient symbols of ties, strength, bonds, loyalty and of course ornate beauty. Bows on the hand look charming. You may place the bow wrapped round your wrist, finger or ankle.

Rose Outline Tattoo Art With Subtle Shade Work On Hand