Glasses are the most appealing accessories women can carry. From the stylish chic look to the funky geeky look, glasses can make you appear different every day. Every morning when you wake up, try some different and cool hairstyles with which, you can carry the trendiest glasses. Blend the exceptional hairstyles and stylish glasses to frame your face in a very gracious way.

Here are the hottest hairstyles which you can pair with your designer glasses and look irresistible.

1) Professional Ponytail with Black Framed Glasses

Ponytails are the most flexible and multi-benefit hairstyles. You can carry a professional and stunning ponytail at your work while you can carry a messy and funky ponytail every day. If you want to improve your professional look more, carry the fabulous framed glasses with your ponytail and this will make you look exceptional. Some of the trendy glasses are those with black, red and blue frames. To brighten up your professional and smart personality, carry a trendy pair of glasses with your ponytail and look absolutely gorgeous at your workplace!


2. Voluminous Bangs with Lavish Frames

Bangs is the most flattering and lovely hairstyle which can be paired with glasses. Especially, if you have thick and lustrous bangs flaunting flawlessly on your forehead, you must try carrying different glasses to enrich your look. Choose aviators, retro square glasses or cat eyes and all the glasses will perfectly glorify your cool chic look.


3. Dazzling Bandana Updo with Square Naughty Glasses

Up for a picnic or party? Here is a fantastic look which you can carry and mesmerize people. Bandana hairstyles are flawless and when carried along with crazy glasses, the hairstyles look even more admirable. For a super funky look, go with this Bandana hair updo and deep framed glasses.