A complete look for any occasion comprises of one’s glamorous makeup and creative hair styling which holds a very important role to play. Ladies cannot agree more to the fact that it is actually one of the most highlighted part of someone’s appearance.

Practically, you see a person from the head first which is why a good hairstyle is essential to hold any kind of look. Now for party wear and fancy weekend wear, one shoulder dresses have become quite a trend.

This is why there is a basic need of awareness towards the right hairstyle too. Here, your confusions might get transparent with these amazing hairstyles for one shoulder dresses.

Casual Pony Wavy Hairstyle

This is a common hairdo which you can sport to literally all kinds of occasions and dresses, but to be specific over one shoulder dresses, it stands out quite beautifully. The hairstyle does not require you to treat your hair with any kind of special process to get the look.


Simply strap your hair with 1 by 4th of your hair density and tie at the upper part for a casual pony look. You would need to use mild rollers and a little bit of conditioning to attain the wavy look.

Also, if you have wavy hair naturally then only conditioning would do the job. Be all graceful with this hairstyle at the party or in the weekends.

Carefree Low Lying Bun

There has been quite a few complaints from women that their ‘good hair days’ have started to pop up very rarely. This is an obvious phenomenon because of the increasing pollution and dirt throughout the day.

Our hair is also lacking the ability to hold on to fancy hairstyles because of the stress it bears. So, if this is one of your concerns as well, then you would absolutely love the idea of this hairstyle. To apply this hairdo on your appearance is not a tough job either.


A simple shampooing and conditioning session before going out would get you the best look. Tie a messy bun at the lower part of your hair and flaunt your carefree look. This is going to be one of the best hairstyles for off shoulder or one shoulder dresses.

Let the Hair Glide

Okay, now this one makes up to the best hairstyles for 2 major reasons and both of them are well appreciated. The first one being the feasibility and the comfort it provides to carry it around all day. It is easy to attain because you do not really have to style your hair.