College is the most crucial time of one’s life, but at the same time it’s the most memorable time as well. We all are confused what to wear, especially girls, and when it’s the first day of your college you are super confused. Trust me or not, you imagine how you will look on the first day, night after night, till the day finally arrives.

Confused, perplexed, muddled, puzzled, fuddled, nervous, baffled; for whatever you may be, we are there to help you. We are here to make you look the most stunning and gorgeous girl in college on your very first day. Remember, FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION.

You do not need to spend your parent’s hard earned money on extra expensive clothes and accessories. What you need to do is, be little cautious, and try mixing and matching. Use your imagination. Let the wings of your imagination flutter and clutter. Do not forget to try your dress beforehand.

This really helps. Not only will you come to know how your dress looks on you, but you will also be warned if your dress is not comfortable.

Not standing in between you and your first day at college, let’s just directly move into twenty stylish girls outfit ideas to try on first day of college.

Outfit Ideas For First Day of College

Simple Tee and your Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans

This is the most comfortable look. Wear a simple dark color mid hip length round neck t-shirt. Bang on for solid colors, like black, dark brown, chocolate brown, charcoal. Opt for a round neck t-shirt. Wear black well fitted skinny denims. Skinny jeans help you to style your outfit and also are very soft to wear. Go for comfy boots. Add on some arm candies. Leave your hair open. Straighten them if you have curly hair. Pick a watch that matches the entire outfit.

Outfits Ideas To Try On First Day Of College

A Sexy Short Dress

Short dresses not only make you look different but can be very comfortable as well. You can choose a single colored dress in any color of your choice. Ensure that you wear a plain dress for this look. Go for dark blue or black dress. To add comfort, pair the dress with simple soft leather boots which are comfortable yet stylish. Avoid sneakers or canvass shoes with this look. Style your hair is braids that runs across your head. Add a pop of color to your lips.  A lip stain also makes you look beautiful naturally. Avoid lipstick. Opt for tainted lip balms. These not only heal your cracked lips but also add a dash of color.

First Day College Outfit Women Girls

Baggy Jean and Stylish T-Shirt

If your approach is about ease, settle for this awesome look.  Basic lose high waist denim jeans, colored plain girly top, a beautiful sling clutch and flat sandals with a statement locket.  There can be nothing better than this.  Be the wannabe amazing chic with this look. Style is all about comfort. As you will be spending a very long day at college, you need to prioritize comfort and juggle it with style and fashion.

Dress to Try On First Day Of College

Cozy Jacket Teamed With Denims

If winters are hitting your place, this look is for you. Denims, all time favorite, paired with a spaghetti top tugged inside your jeans. To keep the chilly waves at bay wear a knee length summer jacket/coat. Hang a cotton or woolen scarf in your neck. For your feet, go for ankle length cress cross sandals. You can wear same color belt and shoes.  This looks not only keeps you cosy but also make you look pleasant.

What Dress On First Day Of College

A Cute Floral Dress