This will give a cooling sensation to the sun burnt area. It will also close down all your pores. After you cleanse and moisturize your skin in morning, you can also spray this cucumber juice. Just in case you do not wish to go throw all the tedious process, do not worry.

We are there to lend some help to make your skin beautiful. Cut pieces of cucumber and rub it on your affected areas. It works the same as cucumber juice. Trust us and try it. You will thank us for this.


Strawberries and Milk Cream

There is a yummy and fruity way to remove your tan. Take few strawberries and crush them. Add the cream of milk to them. No, you do not have to eat it. Apply it on your tanned area, beautiful!!!

You can also store this pack in your freezer as strawberries are not available all around the year. This pack works great for dry skin beauties to remove tan. For the oily ones replace milk cream with milk and you are all ready to radiate.


Gram Flour Scrub

Gram flour/chick flour has been the age old remedy that benefits your skin in all possible ways. It is an all rounder home remedy for all skin problems. Gram floor scrub works miracles when you wish to remove your tan in one day. Gram flour is a great exfoliater.

It not only removes tan but also removes any dead cells and unwanted hair. It clears the complexion and also works greats on pimple and acne. Mix gram flour with water to make a thick paste. Apply it on your tanned skin.

Leave it for 20 minutes. After it is partially dry, wet your hands and massage it in circular motions, exfoliating your skin.

Wash off with clean water, and you will be left with gorgeous skin. If you wish to remove your tan in one day do it twice and whoa!!!, it works wonders.


Milk Powder Pack

Make a paste of milk powder, honey and lemon juice in equal ratio. Add to it few drops of olive oil. Milk powder removes the tan and lightens the complexion. Honey is a bleaching agent and also has skin lightening properties. Lemon as already told, works great to reduce tan.

Olive oil acts as a moisturizer and repairs the skin. So after you make a paste of all these ingredients, apply it on your skin. After ten minutes, massage them for good long five minutes and wash it. A world of compliments opens up to you.


Fuller Earth Pack

The list of benefits of fuller earth is never ending. It not only keeps the skin oil free but also lightens the complexion. It closes down the tiny pores on skin.  It also balances the PH level of the skin. It also helps to removes tan from skin.

Make a paste of fuller earth and cold water in a glass or ceramic bowl. Apply it on your face or any other tanned area, with a brush or cotton wool. After twenty minutes, wash off with normal water. You are sure to witness changes in your tanned area. It works like magic.


Honey and Lemon

Both honey and lemon are known for their bleaching properties. Their mixture make a great sun tan removal mask.  Mix both of them and apply on the affected area. Let it dry. Wash it after twenty five minutes. And Eureka!!!! You are a new you, a tan free you, a beautiful you.