If you are the one who loves sunlight but hates tan, then this article is exclusively for you. Tan is something we all despise. Hate it or like it, you cannot escape being tanned. But you surely can remove your tan. There are many cosmetic treatments to remove than.

But you may be left empty pocket if you opt for them. Our home itself is the store house of numerous materials which can be used to remove tan. While cosmetic treatments can be dangerous for your skin, home remedies on the other hand are risk free and are sure to bring results. Not only home remedies remove tan but also help to provide the much needed nourishment to your skin.

So if you do not wish to spend hefty share of your hard earned money on these cosmetic treatments, follow the below given tips on how to get rid from sun tan in one day with home remedies.

Lemon Juice For Tanning Removal

Lemon is great for your skin. It is the store house of Vitamin C. The citric acid in lemon removes tan.  Squeeze out juice of lemon (quantity as per your requirement) in a small bowl.

Using a cotton wool apply it on the tanned area. Leave it for ten minutes and wash off. There is also an easier way. All you need to do is, cut lemon into thin slices. Rub these slices in circular motion on your tanned skin.

Let it dry for 10 minutes. Wash it with normal water. Wipe softy with a towel. Lemon not only removes tan but also lightens complexion. It is also a great bleaching agent.

In case you have a very sensitive skin, mix rose water with lemon juice or spray some rose water on your tanned parts and then rub lemon slices on the affected area.


Sandalwood Paste For Tanned Skin

Sandalwood is the most pure form of wood and is used in prayers and other holy purposes. Its wood is churned in powder which is used in many beauty regimes.

Sandalwood powder is a holistic approach to skin problems. It has been used since time immemorial by both men and women alike. Not only it has a soothing fragrance, it is great for our skin.

Sandalwood powder works great to remove sun tans. Make a paste of sandalwood powder and water. Apply it with a brush or your fingers. Wash after fifteen minutes with cold water.

In case you have dry skin, instead of water add milk. Sandalwood improves complexion, even when used for the very first time.


Tomato Pack To Get Rid Of Tan

Tomato is the most beneficial vegetable or fruit, whatsoever you take it to be. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and biotin. We all try to inculcate tomato in our daily diet for that healthy and glowing skin.

Not only eating tomatoes is helpful for skin benefits, applying it on skin also helps a lot. All you need is squeeze out some tomato pulp and apply it on your face. It will remove all hyper pigmentation caused due to sun exposure.

If you are in hurry cut slices of tomato and rub on your face. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off.  Tomato also helps to reduce marks of pimples and acne and makes the skin blemish free.


Aloe Vera Gel Removes Tan

The miraculous aloe-vera gel can help you remove your tan. Squeeze out some gel from the aloe vera plant in your kitchen garden or buy aloe-vera gel from market. There are many companies that are selling herbal aloe vera gel. Apply the gel on the area that is tanned.

 If you are the lazy one, just cut open an aloe vera stem from its centre with a knife and rub the gel portion of it on the affected areas. Aloe vera though is very helpful to remove tans from skin but it has a disadvantage too. It makes the skin photosensitive. But its uses outnumber its single shortcoming.

What you can do it, apply a sunscreen before you step out in the sun. Ensure that you apply your sunscreen twenty minutes before sun exposure. Keep reapplying your sunscreen after every three-four hours. Opt for a water proof sun screen.


Turmeric and Milk

Turmeric is not only antiseptic but when mixed with milk, it helps to remove tan. Remember your mother running after you to drink milk, because it has numerous health benefits. Milk contains lipo proteins, which help in reducing the darkening of skin.

Make a mixture of turmeric and milk and apply on the affected area. Let it dry for some odd twenty five minutes. Wash off with clear water. Pat it dry. Ensure that you are using organic turmeric as synthetic turmeric contains color that can harm your skin.

Exposure to harmful sun rays also reduces the moisture content of skin. Milk helps to restore the moisturize of the skin. So try this turmeric milk pack to achieve a healthy glowing skin.


Cucumber Juice Very Effective

Cucumber juice works as a great homemade toner.  Grate two cucumbers. Squeeze out the juice and store in a spray bottle in refrigerator. When you come back home after getting exposed in the sun for long duration, spray this cucumber juice on the sun exposed areas of your body.