France is a native of many fashion elements from ancient times to till date. As Paris is a city of modernization, French nail arts does too. Because of its simple and elegant look, it has retained its popularity since years in the field of nail art design.

French nail arts are amazing in going along with any kind of dresses or occasions. Sometimes you don’t have to think of changing your nail paints every day for different outfits. They will be ready to rock with anything you wear.

Being known for its pleasant appearance, it needs utmost care while creating. You have to be so perfect in order not to make them look awkward. Another important thing is to have well maintained nail tips. You need soft and well-shaped nails for this French nail art since it mainly decorates the tips.

You can use as many colors as you want to give a sensational look for your nails. In the initial stages you can take help from an expert and later you can draw them yourself easily.

French nails will go with a base of clear, soft pink, beige or nude colors. Nowadays having French nail designs is become stylish compared to others. Try them once, and you will get addicted!

Black Tips with Beige Base

Black is a dashing color when it comes to fashion. Specially it is always the first and best choice for the rocking night outs or parties. They definitely need a company of black nails. You can apply beige or transparent nail color as a base and go for black colored tips. Be careful while coloring your tips. Take help of adhesive tapes to make the line go perfect and smooth.

White Tips with Rhine Stone Base

White is another dominant and basic color after black. It is most needed when you think of coloring your nails. You will already have natural white tips which are ready for French nail art design. You just have to apply another two or three layers or white paint. Now coming to rhinestones, they are the real beauty. Glue them at the bottom of your nails to give a charming appearance to the entire nail.

White Beige French Nails

Go plain with this nail art design. It will definitely be complimented among your companions at your office or parties. With beige base white color looks awesome. It looks as if there is nothing on your nails. So natural you feel to have them. You can opt this nail art design for any formal events.

Colorful Glitters Design

Start the celebration with sparkling nail art. This glorious French nail art design is famous for its outstanding look. Use the clear nail paint as a base.