Life is colorful, but white is more realistic. White represents positivity, peace, calmness, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness and perfection. White has been adorned by saints and professionals alike. Brides adore white gowns for their weddings.

When a child is born, he is wrapped in white towel. Doctors wear white coats. So white symbolizes life. White also represents happiness. White truly is the best color.

Pairing up your white heels with dresses is little tricky. But here are we with some fashion advises that will surely pull you out of the dilemma of what color dresses to wear with white heels

The Floral Prints

White heels come as a savior when you have so many prints and colors on you. Pair your white heels with a multi colored floral dress and you then need nothing else other than your smile to make a statement. Make sure that the base of your dress is white. Since you already are beaming as a bouquet go for nude pink lips. To style it up more, carry a solid colored clutch of the color that dominates your dress.

Dress Colors With White Heels - What Color Outfits To Wear With White Heels

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The Burgundy Dress

Burgundy color has lately grabbed the attention of fashion world and it is quite in vogue. Burgundy color itself draws inspiration from the color of wine. It goes great when paired with white. So opt for a burgundy dress with your white pair of stiletto heels. Carry a white sling bag and add some silver arm candy to your wrist.

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The Navy Blue Dress

If you want to hit the charm of royalty, a short blue dress paired with strappy high heeled white sandals is all you can go for. There is no color quite like navy blue. You can go for smoky eye makeup and color your lips peach or pink. Let the blue sky meet the blue ocean to discuss the damsel in blue.

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The White and The Black

When in doubt, go for black and white. Pairing your white heels with a black dress is the easiest combination you can try without any fear of dulling your look. Both these colors complement each other. White and black pairing is age old classy pairing that lives in the heart of the onlooker for a long time. You are sure to shine out. Carry a black clutch, some pink on your lips, and let your footwear handle it all. All good things in life are either black or white. So go for this combination.

What Color Outfits To Wear With White Heels

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White Over White

Matching is never out of trend and nothing can beat the classic combination of pairing your white dress with white heels. All you need is be cautious to match the white of your dress with the white of your heels. Not all white are same. So pick a white wisely. Blimey!!!, Easy as anything. This is the minimalistic look that brings out your natural beauty and synchronizes you well to stand out in the crowd. It’s simple yet elegant. This white over white combination gives you a flawless look. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


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The Yellow Dress

If you are the one who feels life is too short to dress boring, yellow dress is for you. Yellow is a loud color but when paired with white it looks quite adoring.