Different ways to wear oversized shirts and t-shirts : It doesn’t matter whether you are a hard core fashion fan, or you have a very good knowledge about latest fashion trends and the best places to look for trendy stuff, you still will have an oversized shirt or t-shirt sitting somewhere secretly hidden in your wardrobe.

An oversized piece of cloth is always a controversial item to adore, and not so comfy to take out of the closet. While some start using such a piece of cloth as nightwear, others keep it inside the closet and keep on ignoring it for years.

How To Wear Oversized Shirt & T-Shirts

It is because wearing an oversized shirt outside the home is quite a challenging thing to do, but still there are ways to turn the game in your favor.

Although it’s an oversized cloth, it shouldn’t be ditched so easily. In the fashion world, there are lots of ways and great styles to provide versatility to your personality with different types of clothes, including the oversized t-shirt or shirt that you have been avoiding for weeks.

In the rapidly changing fashion world, there are always some styles to wear these oversized items. There are various kinds of outfit ideas where you can wear your oversized t-shirt and shirt, and give freshness to your fashion sense. Here’re some cool ideas to make use of your oversized t-shirt and shirt:

Alter The Sleeves

The first thing that you should do is dealing with the long sleeves. No matter what’s in your mind for the long t-shirt, you have to do something of sleeves so that they don’t look bad on you. The best thing to do here is alter the sleeves. You don’t have to follow rocket science here.

Just imagine a design in your mind, take scissors and trim the long sleeves. While trimming the sleeves, ensure that you are doing it cleanly. Through this method, you can give blousing effect to your oversized tee and wear it by tucking it into a skirt.


Roll-up The Sleeves

Here, you don’t need some special equipments or tools to make your oversized t-shirt comfortable to wear. Just roll up the sleeves and give yourself an appealing, tomboy look. In case, the sleeves get unrolled several times while wearing the tee, you can use sewing method to sew the sleeves when they are rolled up and prevent them from unrolling in the future.

When you will applying this method, make sure that you are following a tomboy-like instructions, such as wearing the tee with rolled up sleeves with denim shorts where the t-shirt will be tucked into the shorts.


Wear Oversized T-Shirt With A Belt

If you have a t-shirt which doesn’t have long sleeves and is long in the body only, you can use a narrow belt and wear it over the waist. Make sure that the belt is matching the t-shirt and legging or jeans you are wearing.

While applying this idea, you must ensure that the tee is not too wide as it may make you feel uncomfortable and it will be difficult for you to use the belt in the best possible. In case of a too wide tee, you can use sewing tools to make it little comfortable for you.


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Just Knot It Up

If you don’t have the time to do some experiments with your oversized t-shirt by using some scissors or sewing equipments, you can just gather its bottom and twist it several times to knot it up.

It will take just few seconds to give a trendy look to your long t-shirt. Here, you should not forget to roll the sleeves up while knotting up the tee’s bottom. You can pair the knotted t-shirt with a long skirt or fashionable jeans.


Just The Overisized T-shirt

Yes! There wasn’t any typo and you read it right. Here, you just need a long, oversized t-shirt to give your appearance a hot and big statement.