Different types of ear piercings: These days, body piercing has become all the rage and among all types of body piercing, ear piercing is considered as the most subtle yet effective way to hop into the world of quirk and sass.

Whether it is in your culture or you just want to stay fashionable by opting for it, ear piercing can make you look different in all ways.

However, with so many types of piercing for ears in trend, it is really crucial to know about each of them beforehand in order to make a well-informed decision.

Here, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to different types of ear piercings along with their handy quick views so that you know what you want and what exactly you are going to get. Read our full list below:

1. Standard Single Lobe Piercing

The simple yet elegant piercing needs no introduction. This is the first piercing we have for our ears as kids or teens. A standard single lobe piercing is the most basic and common form of ear piercing that features only one hole right in the centre of each earlobe.

The procedure is absolutely simple and yields least amount of pain as the lobes are comparatively softer than rest of the ear. The piercing takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely and then, you can choose any metal earring to add to your glam quotient.


2. Earlobe Stretching / Gauging

Want to look a little different with your lobe piercing without going too overboard? Stretching or gauging can be your way to uniqueness! It is basically a modification of the standard single lobe technique that is done by upgrading the size of the earring gradually.

While the original method is intended for wearing 20 or 18 gauge jewellery, the gauging involves manipulating the elasticity of the lobe skin and coaxing the hole to be stretched over time in order to fit bigger earrings. The gauge number can eventually go to 00 to fit you the biggest gauge jewellery.


3. Upper Lobe/ Double Piercing

You can double up your earlobe piercing game with this simple style with the right amount of twist. The double piercing, which has grown immensely in popularity, is nothing but having two distinctive piercings in each lobe. The first one is the typical single lobe piercing whereas the second one is done at the upper section of the lobe.

Just like the standard style, it also causes very less amount of pain and has almost the same healing time. Go sophisticated with your regular earring and adorn the upper lobe with a gorgeous stud or something of a geometric shape.


4. Helix Piercing

Getting a helix piercing is all about reliving the ‘rock-star’ and ‘metal-head’ styles, which were in vogue in the ‘90s as well as early 2000s.