Curtain colors & designs with white walls: Drapes or curtains make an important element in the adding dimension and flare to a room’s interior. Whether you are looking for an elegant or romantic ambience for the bedroom or are seeking beautiful window treatments for a trendy living room; curtains and blinds make great motifs to transform your den into an attractive retreat.

Dressing up white walls with colored and patterned curtains will spice up the boring room decor.White curtains on white walls proves that minimal is much more, however don’t go overboard ending up in a sterile room design. Colors picked from jewel tones like ruby red and emerald green add charisma to your white washed walls while bright summer tones of yellows and oranges add a refreshing appeal. Pink curtains for girls and the blue ones find place in your boy’s rooms.

Curtain Colors And Designs With White Walls

Nude and neutral colored curtains make exiting options for minimalist white walls; add bold and attractive hardware for a popping look. Patterns often highlight the dimension of plain wall spaces. Leave aside the artworks and concentrate on patterned curtains for a stylish home remodel. Flowers to geometric shapes; all designs leave its mark upon the fashionable white themed room. Let’s see some pretty, colored, and patterned curtains gracing the white walls below.

Bright Yellow Accent Curtains For White Washed Living Room

White walls plus bright yellow curtains make a fabulous combination for your living room. White on white might not seem as exuberant as these brightly accented white living rooms. The plain yellow curtains are perfect for summers creating a fresh and delightful atmosphere.


Black Solid Block Color Curtains Against White Walls

Black and white color schemes are popular in modern homes. This color combo never goes out of vogue whether it’s dressing your house or yourself, your nails or your accessories. Solid block black color curtains alongside the white walls are in trend. Black curtains create high contrast and add a fascinating bold look to the interiors.


Geometric Print Long Turquoise Curtains For White Bedroom Walls

White colored bedrooms can be well decorated with spurts of colors here and there. The designer has kept the lines of the bedding white but textured to add depth to the room’s dimensions. Turquoise hued curtains with clean geometric print highlights the wooden window pane. The cushions again contrast to these shades being lime green in color.


Vertical Striped Blue Toned Curtails For White Boys Bedroom

Blue is the color for boy’s bedroom. If you want to paint the walls white – beware, it might get stained as quickly as you’re done with the remodeling job – the fabrics and accents can be colored blue for a chic look. This nautical themed boys bedroom is beautifully draped with sea blue striped curtains for the tall window. Team up the shade with similarly toned and patterned rugs and linens.


Beautiful Chevron Patterned Beige Window Curtains