Best college hairstyles for medium length hair: Life is too short for boring hair. One needs to play around with hair to achieve varied looks rather than the boring everyday look. A new hairstyle can make you look completely different.

Life is not perfect but hair can be perfect. Many of us are of the view that there are not many hairstyles options available for medium length hair. So to guide you, we are here with 30 best college hairstyles for medium length hair.

The Layers Hairstyle

If your haircut is in layers, we have a suggestion for you. Fold the open ending of hair inside by using a roller brush, a curler or a straightener; whichever you are proficient in using. You can go for side partition.

In case your hair is not naturally straight, straighten the length of your hair and fold the edges of your hair inwards. This hairstyle is easy to make, is simple and elegant and can make you look gorgeous in minutes.


Folded Outwards Hairstyle

You can try a hairstyle opposite to the one told above. If you do not wish to do any effort, simply fold your hair outward rather than inwards, with a hair brush or a straightner and you are all ready to rock in some fun in your college. This hairstyle can be done every day as it is easy and fuss free. It looks good with any attire.


Left Side Braid Hairstyle

If you have medium length hair, the best and easiest hairstyle that is simple yet chic is to partition your hair from the centre. Pick a generous amount of hair near the forehead from left side and make a neat braid that runs cross the left side of your head to the back of your head and pin up this braid. You can leave the rest of your hair in a messy shape and need not to comb through your hair.


Messy Curls

Curls are fun but they can be messy as well. All you need is to comb your curls and let some fringes fall on your forehead or in case you are not blessed with curls, curl up your hair. All you need is a hair curler and some patience. You do not have to be perfect in curling. Just mess around; after all, it’s the messy hairstyle.


Wavy Hairstyle

Nothing can look as mesmerizing as wavy hairstyle. The best part is, it requires literally no efforts. You can easily achieve wavy hairstyle with a curler but there are natural ways to get this hairstyle without harming your hair with all the heat of curlers. All you need is wash your hair and comb them. When they are wet make multiple braids of them or small buns. Let your hair dry. Open these braids or buns and WOW! You have that amazing wavy hair style. Avoid combing. If you require combing your hair rather than combing move your hands through them.


Side Braid Ponytail