Picking up the right furniture is a crucial phase in designing of a living room and so is the sitting arrangement. The sitting arena often involves sofa sets, chairs, ottomans and center tables set up in the center or off-center of the living room. Center tables come in various shapes and designs; can be crafted in different materials; and can be apt with storage areas.

Modern tables have sleek designs, edgy look, classy feel, fancy pattern, luxurious appeal, metallic aura and elegance packed aesthetic appeal. This article showcases seventy five different modern center table designs for your living room.

Beautiful Multilayered Center Table Design For Living Room

At the first glance this beautiful center table appears to be a state of art design for home decoration. But, check out the adjoining image and you will wow at the amazing idea of creating such facilitative center table for your living room. The multilayered table can be opened up in sections to hold and store a variety of objects.

Modern Center Table Designs For Living Room

Beautiful Metallic Center Table Design For Living Area

The unusual form of this metal clad center table lends an exclusive ambience of style and sophistication to your living room. The stainless steel base frame looks creative and sensual with a black mirrored top. A definitely wow-worthy design!

Latest  Center Table Designs For Living Room

White Lacquered Top Center Table For Simplistic Approach

The living room is brilliantly designed with oversized motifs yet keeping the look elegant and charming. Keep a check on the large floral pattern by limiting them to some spaces. The roman shades and the cushion covers look stylish in those large prints. The decor is simply matched with a stylish white lacquered table with metal legs sitting amidst the white sofa set.

Stylish Center table designs for living room

Low Rise Wooden Center Table For Crisp Decor

The dark tinted wooden center table with sleek sides and edgy appearance lends a crisp look to the modern living room. Modern spaces bring in low rise center tables for a delightful and stylish appeal. You may also select the same colored wooden finish for your TV stand, media cabinet or book shelves to complement the style.

living room center table designs

Sleek And Stylish White And Metal Center Table For Living Room