Our skin remains exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun whenever we step outside. Along with this, there are factors like pollution, stress, lack of sleep, extremely hectic lifestyle, less water consumption etc which contribute to dull and dry looking skin.

These also lead to formation of dark spots and pigmentation on the skin, making one look ugly. The brightness and vibrancy of the skin also disappears with these factors. If you check out in the market or in the various departmental stores, you will find that there are many creams and serums, which claim to provide skin whitening instantly.

But most of these products contain chemical ingredients, which lead to harmful side effects. Moreover, the results obtained from these creams are temporary and the problems start once you stop using the cream.

Using Buttermilk, a Natural Ingredient For Skin Whitening

Buttermilk is popularly known as chaas in India. It is formed by churning milk thoroughly and the process of making buttermilk is mainly done with hand. This beverage is commonly used a beverage in India, particularly in the summer months, as it has great cooling effects on the body.

However, along with its cooling effects, there are other benefits too that are offered by buttermilk. This natural ingredient is used for various kinds of beauty regimen as well. Application of butter milk helps in bettering the tone and texture of the skin along with enhancing skin lightening effects. As a result, well-toned whiter skin is obtained with regular use of buttermilk.

How Buttermilk Helps in Skin Whitening?

On studying the compositional structure of buttermilk, it has been found that the natural ingredient abounds in milk proteins and lactic acid. Lactic acid helps in brightening the skin tone along with imparting the skin with smooth and well toned texture. Skin complexion gets better manifold times with use of buttermilk.

Not only this, lactic acid and milk proteins also help in loosening up of dead skin cells and impurities from the skin so that they can be removed easily. And when the contaminants are removed, obviously, the skin’s complexion improves and you can get well-toned fairer skin.

Due to acidic and astringent properties of buttermilk, this natural ingredient also helps in combating skin problems like freckles etc.

Various Ways in Which Buttermilk is used For Skin Whitening

As mentioned previously, buttermilk is used extensively for skin whitening. It can be used in the form of face masks and face packs in different ways. Some of the best ways in which buttermilk can be used for skin lightening are as follows:

# Buttermilk with Tomato

We all know about the goodness of buttermilk. Along with this, tomatoes are rich in astringent and hence have cleansing abilities, helping in making the skin appear brighter and fairer on regular application. Combination of tomatoes and buttermilk can help in bringing great results for the skin.

To make this face pack, you will need tomatoes, buttermilk and few mint leaves. Along with lightening the skin complexion, all these ingredients help in keeping the skin cool and soothing. In a bowl, take the tomatoes; add the buttermilk and the mint leaves.

Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend well. You will get a mixture with paste like consistency. Apply this paste on the face and on other affected areas on the skin.

Keep it on the skin till the paste dries away completely. Once it dries, wash it off with normal water. Doing this daily is sure to bring in great results.

# Honey and Buttermilk

The combination of buttermilk and honey brings in great results for the skin. The components present in these ingredients help in brightening the skin tone from deep within. Moreover, these also help in removing the problem of skin tanning completely.

This is possible because buttermilk contains lactic acid and it helps in removing tan considerably. To make the face pack with honey and buttermilk, you will need 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of buttermilk. Take both these ingredients in a small bowl and mix well.

Use your fingertips for applying this mixture on the face gently. Do not apply any kind of pressure while applying the mixture on the face. Massage it gently over the face and let it be there for 15-20 minutes.

Use normal water for rinsing off the face pack. You will get fresh looking bright skin with regular use of this face mask.

# Banana Mask with Buttermilk

Dry and stretchy skin is normal during the winter months. And this can make the skin look pale and drab and scaly. If you want to combat the problem of dry and scaly skin completely, you can use this natural remedy effectively. The benefit of this natural face pack is that it will not only help in dealing with skin dryness and patchy skin, but it will also help in mild skin exfoliation.