There are millions of nail art designs created using vibrant colors these days. Thousands you can try for different occasions. But even playing with colors feel enough sometimes. Black and white, the so called universal colors create magic on the nails.

When you run out of designs with other colors just think of these monochromatic magical colors. They will suffice your need for any kind of occasions taking from casual meetings to red carpet evening parties. Without any doubts you can try keeping just these two color nail paints in your makeup kit and you can all be ready for the events in minutes.

Though we feel colors are very much important in the fashion world because of the moods they create and the vibes they spread around. Keeping all of them aside when you think of black and white combination, you will extraordinarily wonderful to see its superiority over other colors. This universal combination can never go dull for your outfit. Choose the perfect nail art for every occasion and the natural beauty of basic colors can be seen on your cute nails.

Zigzagging Wavy Lines

Give a twist to your nail design with these zigzag nails to create wavy layer of black and white colors. The undulating lines are always beauty to see. You can use shining nail paints or glitters to enhance its look. The shaky lines are easy to make using toothpick or hairpin. If you git a thin liner nail paint, then no accessory is needed for creating this nail art design.

Water Droplets Effect

How awesome to see pearly droplets over your nails! They can be produced using black and white nail colors easily. Over the black or white nail paint base, add dots of varying sizes to create drops. You can put a tiny dot of the opposite color to give it a reflecting effect of water. They look amazing for your long nails.

Horizontal Long Stripes

Stripes are pretty easy to draw on the nails. Whether you have short or long nails, it makes them look still more longer and brighter. The light and dark lines create vibrant on the nails. You can wear this for your striped design dress for parties. It looks fantastic as a casual nail art design too.

Side Swept Random Squares

You can wonder how stylish this nail art design is. Rather following the rule of uniformity, create the squares randomly at a side of your nails. This distribution and overlapping of boxes look contemporary for your nails. Using just two basic colors no one would think you can be so attractive at a special occasion like gathering of friends or relatives.

Classic Checker Chess Board