The nail design coordination rattles every woman out there if it is not perfect which clearly reflects on the face of the lady. While dressing up, you need to be absolutely sure about all the small details to be rightly put in order to look at your very best.

The black color being the favorite and the center of attraction for almost all outfits, needs special attention in coordination with nail designs. So, here are some of the finest nail designs for black dresses.

Dense Black with Soft White Feather Design

This nail is design is highly artistic and an easy catch for the people who want something quickly for a party. The design has a feather design that you can carry out on alternate nails.


The base of this nail design is dense black which goes with all kinds of black outfits. As the compatibility of white with black is well appreciated, you would love to sport this design.

Moonshine Glitter with Black

The use of metallic black color is pretty decent in this segment as the party outfits are usually bright and this makes way for the frequent use of metallic colors. This nail design is assisted by moonshine glitter which is a blend of silver and golden.


You can use this glitter over a base of metallic black color in your own creative way. You can paint it in an alternative manner or you can use it on the tip of the nail as well.

Matte Black with Pearl Beads

For all the people who want a fancy design in the most subtle way for a party, can definitely rely on this nail paint design. The basic color that is being used in this design is the matte black color which is the prime attraction for a lot of people.


The color accommodates almost all kinds of black shades and goes well with them. It is accompanied by pearl beads that are placed carefully at the edge of the nails to form a pattern. This nail design is definitely going to steal the night for you.

Black with Golden Sparkle

To begin with, many people have this misconception that sparkles and glitters are the same things with different names. However, they might appear same but they are poles apart. The black color nail paint here is used with golden sparkle which is a spray of golden tint over the base color.


It helps highlight the nails better and creates an attractive design for you. You can sport this design to parties and all fancy occasions. However, it is recommended that you do not use this design for casual occasions as it would be too bright.

Glaze Undercut Design

The glaze nail paint or the nude shade for the nails can be of great use in setting up this design. The base of the nails need to be covered with glaze in order to enhance the texture of it for the design to look its best.


Then leaving an undercut design at the bottom of the nails paint the rest of the nail with whatever shade of black you would like. This is a great option for people who want a gentle nail design.

Patterns with White