Lipstick colors with black dress: Finding a right lipstick that synchronizes with my dress is quite a war in itself. I’m always confused which color to choose for my lips, especially with my black dresses.

As much as I love wearing my ever so favorite black dresses, so much do I despise when it comes to the battle of choosing the best lipstick colors.

Lately, I went to a lipstick shopping spree and bought a bunch of shades and tried them with my black outfits. Black dresses, red lipstick, and white pearls were what I thought life was all about. But to my utter surprise, there is a wide spectrum of colors that go very well with black dresses.

Lipstick Colors With Black Dress:-

Scroll down to find out the various lipstick options you can try while wearing a black dress.

The Black Shade

There are times beyond Halloween when you can pull the Goth black lipstick. You can wear a black lipstick every day all you require are certain tips and tricks to make your black lips look sophisticated and not badass.  Always exfoliate your lips well in advance before applying black lipstick.

Ensure that you use a lip liner. You can add some substance to the black lipstick by applying a lip gloss over your black lipstick. Avoid any heavy makeup when you are rocking the black lipstick look. To balance your look, apply a jet black eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

Lipstick Colors  Black Dress

Tomato Red Color

A woman is incomplete without a red lipstick. But not many women are comfortable with the usual bright red lipstick. They can try tomato red. It instantly brightens up the complexion. Match your lipstick with your nail paint.

A tomato red lipstick is unparallel. If you do not wish to go bold choose a matte tomato red lipstick. To give your lips the fuller feel, chose a satin finish tomato red lipstick. For the classic and timeless look, choose a tomato red lipstick.

Lipstick Colors  Black Dress-2

Cherry Red Lipstick Shade

When you ask yourself which color lipstick you should wear with your black dress, the foremost option that comes to your mind is cherry red. Cherry red is a bit darker than the iconic and classic red lipstick. Cherry red is blue based red, so it suits all complexions.  It adds the perfect pop of color to a black dress.

Cherry red lips look flirty, feminine and fun. Go for cherry red lips and be ready for some fireworks. Try this lipstick with winged eyeliner.

Lipstick Colors  Black Dress-3

Plum Lipstick Shade

Though plum lipstick suits dark complexion really well, it looks equally ravishing on fair skin tones. For the mysterious looks, apply plum lipstick with the black dress. Plum lipstick gives you an effortlessly sexy look.

Plum lipstick with a black dress will make a head-turning combination. Opt for plum lipstick and transform from ordinary to a diva like.

Lipstick Colors  Black Dress-4

Mauve Color

Mauve lipstick is again coming in trend. From Hollywood stars to runways models, all are going crazy for mauve lips.  If you like to experiment with lip colors, you definitely need to try a mauve lips color.

Mauve does not suit all complexions. You need to look if it works for you. Mauve lips look ultra modern with a black dress. You can also apply mauve nail paint to complement your lips.

Lipstick Colors  Black Dress-5

Orange Lipstick Color

A flirty orange lipstick with the black dress can win all hearts.