Picking up the right birthday gift is a very tricky thing, particularly when it comes to birthday gift for your wife. Admit it or not, men are usually a disaster while selecting gifts. And when it comes to gifting the wife on her birthday, things get all the more complicated.

Well, there is nothing to lose heart and panic while selecting your wife’s birthday gift. There are certain that you need to keep in mind while selecting her birthday present. Two most important points are her tastes and preference and your budget.

Though it is said that gifts are not judged by the money invested in them, but with the sentiments attached, no good gifts will come without a little investment.

Mentioned below are 20 amazing birthday gifts which you can present your wife:

1. Create a Gift Hamper

Who does not like getting goodies in a gift hamper? In fact, this is an excellent personalized gift for your lady love. Try collecting your wife’s favorite items and put it in a basket. The trick is how you wrap the basket and make it more attractive. Some items that can be put in the basket include cookies, chocolates, books, biscuits etc. If your wife loves makeup, you can pack some cosmetic items for her too.

2. Bookings for Spa and Massage Sessions

If you love pampering your wife, you can book some spa and massage sessions for her on her birthday. With this booking, you can present her with quality time that she can spend with herself. Book an appointment for the spa session and give her the coupons and see her jump with joy on receiving the gift.

3. Fun Night Out

If your wife is fun loving, gift her a fun night out. Usually on such night, let her do things that she loves doing, but does not get the opportunity of doing. Accompany her to a good club and get down on the dance floor and enjoy like there is no tomorrow. Many women are not comfortable in clubs and dance bars. If your wife is such kind, take her out under the stars. So start thinking and plan as what to do in the fun night.

4. Candle Lit Dinner

Many men like to play safe with birthday gift ideas when it comes to gifting your wife. Take your wife out on a romantic candle lit dinner as this plan can never be out of date and never fail. Try making a reservation at her favorite restaurant. Make sure that you order her favorite dishes and compliment her on her looks. Don’t forget to tell her how much you love her.

5. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry as a birthday gift for your wife. Women love jewelry. Choose items that your wife loves – pendants, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, etc. Jewelries are available in different metals and precious stones. Buy one as per your wife’s choice and your budget. There are many cheap jewelry options, which look quite classy and elegant.

6. Rare and Valuable Items

For gifting your wife something unique for her birthday, try looking for some rare and valuable items. It can be some kind of artwork or antique painting.

It is true that gifts of this kind are slightly expensive, but they are priceless. You will be appreciated lifelong for such kinds of gifts.

7. Labeled Spice Jars

Your wife is an amazing chef? Then, for her birthday, gift her something unique, which she is just going to love. Buy small glass jars and fill them up in different kinds of spices. Now label the jars with the names of the spices so that it is easy to understand which jar contains what. As a chef, your wife will be super happy and you will be lucky in getting some lip smacking delicacies on and off!

8. Folding Yoga Mats

Yoga is an excellent way of staying fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. And for proper yoga sessions, it is important to have a good quality yoga mat. This birthday, gift your wife a colorful yoga mat so that it inspires her to start yoga. These mats are fold-able and can be carried in bags while traveling.

9. Digital Camera

Does your wife love taking pictures whenever she finds the time? Do you know that photography is her hobby? A portable digital camera can make an excellent gift for her birthday. Though smartphones now have excellent cameras, owning a digital camera has a pleasure of its own. Click photos on the digital camera and post them on social media as per your wish.

10. Ornately Designed Jewelry Box

Have you noticed that your wife’s jewelry gets entangled with one another and create a messy affair? Help your wife by gifting her jewelry box, which is intricately designed. There are sections made in a jewellery box, where you can arrange your jewelries and keep them safe from getting entangled. Put one or two trinkets inside the box. Giving an empty box might not look good!

11. Stylish Looking Humidifier