Coconut is a favorite fruit in many parts of the world. We all know that coconut tastes great and thus it is used in different recipes – in salty dishes as well as in sweets and desserts.

Along with the pulp of the fruit, tender coconut water also has many benefits. Last but not the least; coconut milk has many benefits apart from tasting great. Coconut milk is naturally sweet and has smooth and creamy texture.

In many places, coconut milk is considered to be a miracle liquid as it can cure many problems of general health, hair and skin. Coconut milk can be made at home easily and can be stored for use.

15 ways in which coconut milk can be used for health, hair and skin

For Treating Skin Conditions

1. Provides Anti-aging Benefits

Application as well as intake of coconut oil helps in dealing with stubborn signs of aging from appearing on the skin. This happens because coconut milk is a rich source of vitamin C and copper, thus improving skin elasticity.

These components help in slowing down the aging process by improving elasticity and flexibility of skin. Thus the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, aging spots, sagging skin etc can be avoided on the skin.

2. Helps In Skin Moisturization

Coconut milk has excellent soothing properties and hence acts as a wonderful moisturizer. Dehydrated skin gets due moisturization on application of coconut milk. Rubbing coconut milk on the skin directly and leaving for 30 minutes helps in moisturizing the skin.

Dryness is combated with this method, leaving the skin moisturized and hydrated. You can also make special bath water by mixing 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup of rose petals and ½ cup rose water in the bathing water. Soak for 15 minutes in this water so that dry skin is moisturized.

3. An Excellent Makeup Remover

Removing makeup is very important for skin health. Instead of buying expensive cleansers from the market, use coconut milk for removing the most stubborn makeup from the face.

Take coconut milk and coconut oil in the ratio of 2:1 and mix them well. Use this mixture for removing makeup softly, particularly from the eyes. Along with removing makeup, this concoction can be used for skin moisturization as well in the most sensitive part of the skin – the eye area.

4. Helps in Treating Sunburns

You might suffer from sun damaged skin and sunburns and looking for effective remedies for the same. Application of plain coconut milk is great for dealing with sunburns and sun damaged skin. Take a cool coconut milk and apply a thin layer of the same on the sun burnt area.

Coconut milk has oils and fats and helps in reducing redness and rashness along with hydrating the sun burnt skin. Use coconut milk in the bathing water for skin moisturization. If applied topically, leave it overnight for best results.

5. Helps in Treating Different Skin Ailments

Various kinds of skin ailments can be combated with application of coconut milk. It is true that this natural ingredient cannot cure the skin problem, but it can relieve the pain and discomfort considerably.