Many modern homes are now decorated in rustic ambience for a traditional look with contemporary modern design. Bedrooms designed with simple ideas can be given a twist of style and creativity with wooden headboards or large wooden backdrop for your empty walls.

Use the blank square footage to sport old wooden planks or fences and some painted glasses and a shelf to create storage spaces on the wall.


Cozy Bedroom Interior With Upholstered Focal Wall

The bedroom is decked up with warm earthy tones of brown and beige. Give a pop of color though accents like the blue chair and upholstered wall for a classy bedroom design. The focal wall is upholstered along with some portion of the ceiling for a designer and luxe look. Complement the interiors with simplistic cream blinds, white marbled furniture and beige flooring.


Kids Bedroom With Wooden Wall And Driftwood Headboards

This is a twin bed bedroom design for kids and you must admits its adorable. The exposed barn on the walls, wooden backdrop and the funky wooden furniture amalgamate a cute bedroom interior to create a cozy and rustic looking bedroom ambience. The driftwood headboards make a stylish impression against the wooden accent wall. Your kids will surely love this new bedroom design.


Family Picture Tree – Beautiful Toilet Paper Roll Artwork

Family pictures and memorable photographs make an important element of bedroom wall decors. They take you back to those pleasant relaxed moments of fun. This is what you much need in the bedroom; peaceful sanctuary and attractive decor. Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls; instead make such cute family tree out of those. Paint your walls plain with a color that matches the color scheme of the bedroom and the black tree will suit almost any color.


Fabric Wall Art Panels For Creative Bedroom Decor

Many of us women are into sewing and there are chances you have remnant pieces of leftover fabrics. Different styles of fabrics and textures create a beautiful wall decor items for your bedroom. The colors incorporated through fabric artworks liven up the bedroom beautifully. These wall arts add an instant touch of sophistication and style to bedroom wall. If you have light colored walls choose bright and dark fabric panels and vice versa.


Artsy Metallic Wall Art For Bedroom Wall Design