A Colorful Geisha Tattoo On Back

This colourful tattoo of a Geisha with a powerful dragon at the back signifies the key cultural features of the country of Japan. Geishaoccupy a very important in Japan and are well renowned performers in arts and culture. As mentioned earlier, dragons are associated with fearless warriors in the Japanese culture.

This colorful tattoo is an amalgamation of feminine features of the Geisha and masculine nature of the fearless dragon warriors. This tattoo conveys a quirky mix of being subtle and bold at the same time.


Biomechanical Tattoo

This quirky piece of art is a monochrome biomechanical tattoo which shows the machine autonomy complete with a mechanical heart. Mechanical tattoos give the human body a cyborg or a half-machine look with visible machine parts. This quirky biomechanical tattoo is complete with an array of mechanical parts such as wires, cogs, metal joints, metal ribs, and springs.

Moreover, it has been etched with a 3D effect, which imparts a realistic appeal to the mechanical tattoo complete with torn human skin. If you are a person who loves robots or interested in technology you can opt for this tattoo to impress your audience.


Custom Japanese Hannya Tattoo Design

Another tattoo depicting the Japanese folklore finds its place in our tattoo list. The Hannya is one of the most popular subjects in Japanese themed tattoos. It depicts a demon with sombre eyes, horn and wide mouthed biting a snake in a flowery background. The Hannya tattoo looks formidable and scary.

The demon which is depicted in the tattoo is actually a female overcome with jealousy after her lover is taken by another woman. The lady out of jealousy and rage changes into a demon that showed no mercy to her enemies.

The person who sports this tattoo can represent the various stages of emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, pure evil who shows no mercy to his enemies, passion,and love, good luck or a person who can judge the good and the evil.


Feather Tattoo On Back

If you are a person who is not fond of violence, then you can opt for this colorful feather tattoo. The feather tattoo is suitable for both male and females that imparts a colorful blend. The feather symbolizes various characters such as truth, courage, bravery, freedom or someone who loves to travel as free as a bird without any barriers.

Whereas a feather tattoo symbolizes spirituality in ancient cultures such as the Native Americans choose feathers to depict their culture and character. Without a doubt, a feather tattoo remains a popular piece of art and you can go ahead get a custom feather tattoo like feather bow on your back which symbolizes bravery and spirituality.


Monochrome Viking Tattoo On Back

This powerful tattoo is of a Viking warrior who exudes power and fearlessness. The Vikings were warriors who were notorious for raiding various places in Northern Europe. The word Viking is derived from Old Norse which means a raider. They were fearless pirates who showed no mercy to their enemies.

The significance of sporting a Viking tattoo symbolises a person’s free spirited nature, nobleness, reputation, principle and their ability to overcome harsh conditions. This representation of a bearded Viking depicts Odin who was a respectable battle commander and a leader who is compared to Zeus in Norse tradition.