Back Tattoo Designs For Men – Tattoo Designs For Guys Back : Are you a guy who is crazy about tattoos and is planning to get one inked? There are many different places on your body where you can get a tattoo but the most versatile canvas on a body is getting a tattoo on your back. The back provides an uninterrupted canvas, where the tattoo artist can use their imagination and expertise to create a gorgeous tattoo. You can opt to choose a monochrome tattoo or a brightly hued tattoo to make everyone’s head turn. No matter what your decision, we are here to recommend amazing tattoo designs you can get etched on your back.

Why is it important to choose a good design on your back?

It is very crucial to spend time researching on the image or design that you want to get tattooed on your back. A guy’s back provides a flat and large space, serves as the best place to get a tattoo done. As we all know, getting a tattoo is permanent and it is very important to choose a good design that you will not later regret.

You can opt for a tattoo design based on a particular theme, color, and size for an overall design. Do some research before choosing a good tattoo artist and run your designs through him before zeroing on one. Better you and tattoo artist can create a custom piece that signifies a meaning.

Amazing back tattoo designs for Men

Moreover, by getting an attractive tattoo you can turn heads if you plan on channeling your inner Salman Khan by going shirtless. Go ahead and pick a great design among the ones recommended belong on your back to make a bold statement.

Classic Angel Tattoo On Back

The classic Angel tattoos made famous by David Beckham is also known as the ‘Messenger’ tattoo, which represents a guardian which protects one from pain and suffering to offering protection and exude positivity. An Angel tattoo need not be considered as a religious tattoo, the purpose behind getting an Angel tattoo is to rise above challenges, pain,and suffering. You can get an Angel tattoo as an accomplishment that you wish to remember for forever and whenever you are feeling down you can take a look and be ensured that you are stronger than you think.


Go ahead and opt for a classic monochrome angel tattoo on your back to exude masculine confidence and made heads turn with your positivity.

Angel and Demon Tattoo For Back

This gorgeous monochrome tattoo depicts the fight between an Angel and a Demon. If you observe closer, you can notice a date which has been etched within the tattoo. This hidden meaning can signify a personal battle which you may have fought between a good and a dark entity which symbolizes that the good in you triumphed over the dark entity.


You can get this tattoo etched if you want to remember a significant event in your life where you had to triumph over the darkness which threatened to overpower you but nonetheless you came out stronger.

Colorful Dragon Tattoo On Back

This fiery dragon tattoo in hues of black, red and orange exudes a powerful image on a guy’s back. A dragon tattoo signifies the Japanese Yakuza outfits who were very powerful, fearless and brave men who were revered in Japan. Getting a dragon tattoo etched on your back indicates that the person is a messenger of bravery and is fearless in the face of evil.

Go ahead and choose this fiery dragon design, signify your braveness and your confidence to rise from all the troubles that life throws at you. Moreover, this dragon with yellow eyes and majestic wings looks powerful and scary from a distance.

Colorful Superhero Tattoo For Back

This colourful tattoo of prevalent superheroes and villains such as Spiderman depicts boldness with a hidden message to the audience. The colourful tattoo may look cheerful in a first glance but if you look closely you can notice that the tattoo depicts the fight against a good and bad entity which manifest within oneself.

You can opt for this bold and colorful tattoo with multicolored characters if you want to project this message to a wider audience. However, you need the confidence and pose to carry out this colorful tattoo which is definitely not for the faint hearted.


A Monochrome Nautical Tattoo Design on Back

This monochrome nautical tattoo depicts a ship sailing through thunderstorms in the rough seas trying to reach the lighthouse at a distance. You can see that skulls are strewn all around the ship with a message ‘Be loyal to yourself’. This tattoo sends out a strong message about loyalty to oneself.

You can choose this tattoo to be inked on your back to depict a powerful message of being loyal to one, even if you are surrounded by unworthy enemies who prevent you from reaching the pinnacle of success. So remember about being loyal, if you are planning to get this tattoo etched on your back and send a powerful message to the audience.