Precious Ankle Lace Foot Tattoo

Are you obsessed with the lace foot? Here is a superb tattoo replacement that will make you fall in love with your legs as never before. Lace tattoos are adorable and look as natural as the anklets or bracelets. You can choose the ink of your choice and get this picture perfect lace foot on your ankle. You can also get this tattoo in memory of your wedding and feel nostalgic while looking at this awesome tattoo. This will make your feet look sensuous and simply appealing.

Adorable Angel Tattoo for Your Sleek Ankle

This is purely and attention seeking magical tattoo for your sleek ankle. This is a design inspired by the angles and the beautiful magical environment. To make yourself feel like an angel, to feel confident and to stay lively all your life, choose this impeccable tattoo design.  This is one of the most widely preferred tattoo options for women. Remember, every girl is an angel herself and to showcase your beautiful side, get this inked on your ankle.

Dotted Simple ankle Tattoo

Dotted tattoos are for those who love simple and unique designs. You can simply get a dotted chain with cool pendant options like heart pendants, animal pendants, diamond pendants etc. this is a very gracious and elegant design to try this season and especially if you don’t want to wear and remove your ankle bracelets daily. This is a very smart way to get an elegant and sober anklet permanently on your ankle.

Flawless Bow Ankle Tattoo design

Want to look sexy and fab in your dazzling high heels? Here is an amazing option you can choose for your ankle tattoo. A bow is a very sensuous and appealing tattoo design women love to get carved on their bodies. You can also add some different shades, beautiful elements like dots, stars and hearts around this pretty bow and make it look elegant. Carry this amazing ankle tattoo with your awesome heels and a stunning dress and without any doubt, you will definitely steal hearts!

Pretty Butterfly and Star Tattoo

Love those tiny little butterflies? Show your love with a cool ankle tattoo design. You can simply get a stunning tattoo carved on your fine ankle and make the most of the trending tattoo designs. The best part about butterfly tattoos is that you can change the design and pattern of the butterfly tattoos as you want. You can get a side angle, or a complete front, you can also choose a flying butterfly impact, or add some charismatic elements like starlets, hearts, balls for pretty background. This will make your ankle look pretty and sensational.