Let the world know that you are very much into your girl. No, you surely not be grabbing her butt or signalling that you are ready to plunge into the ‘action’ right now.

But, a little bit of PDA (public display of affection), such as an intentional gaze or some light touches will never go wrong. Trust us, she will not only enjoy it but will also get melted inside right away.

8. Give A Long, Warm Hug

Embrace her to make her feel loved, wanted, and secured, and do not leave her until she herself wants it to end. The heating power of a long, warm and tight hug is beyond question as it let the girl know exactly how much delighted the person is to be with her. Needless to say, it is an instant turn-on for many of them.

9. Master The ‘Art Of Touching’

Touching your girl at the right places, the right time, and the right way is an amazing art. If you already know where and how she would love to be touched, you are the winner (for the night, of course!). Soft and light touches along the sensitive parts of her body, such as back of the neck, upper arms, waistline, inner thighs, etc. will not only arouse her like anything but will also make her want you right away.

10. Up Your Kissing Game

A good, moist kiss is the sexiest thing to melt your girl like a popsicle. And if you really are a great kisser, a little power play will never hurt. So, just push her against the wall, lock her palms with yours, and let your lips do the talking. Turn your kissing game even longer and more intriguing by shifting your focus to other rarely caressed areas including behind the ears, along the spine, shoulders, elbows, and ankles. Trust us, the super sensation will leave her weak in the knees!

11. Give A Relaxing Massage

Your girl might feel completely drained out of energy after a long tiring day, but you can get her in the mood just by giving her a nice, relaxing massage. Start right from her shoulders and keep massaging with light hand so that her muscles and nerves feel relaxed. By the time you will reach her thighs, she will be fully seduced by your gesture.

12. Pamper Her

Are you game for a role reversal, guys? It may sound cliché but it actually works! The sense of being pampered and doted on by her man can actually turn on a woman very hard. From straightening her hair to painting her toe nails bright to applying her that gorgeous red lipstick, you can do anything and everything to groom her the way she wants. It shows that you find that specific part of her body highly attractive. Just enough for getting aroused!

13. Take A Shower Together