Huge turn ons for girls: We girls are pure mystery to guys. Well, at least sometimes if not always. The fact becomes even more prominent when it comes to figuring out the ways to attract or excite us. A lot of men feel helpless and frustrated when it comes to firing their women up.

But guys, do you know that there are more than a few secret turn-ons that can make us feel the heat almost immediately? These can be anything from a visual treat to an oh-so-hot habit. Though most of them vary based on our personal choices, the remaining ones are common and just too hot to handle. Isn’t it right, girls?

24 Huge Turn Ons For Girls

So, all those guys who are reading this, let teach you the art of seduction today. Know 24 sure-fire tricks to seduce your girl from this list of huge turn ons for girls – check it out:

1. Be Strong

Girls just love muscles. Yes, there is nothing to deny about it. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to achieve the physique of a typical athlete or look like the studliest stud by any means in order to turn them on. Just work on your strength and your girl will never mind looking at your ripped ab muscles or the size of your biceps. In fact, the thought that you are strong enough to protect her in emergencies and keep her calm when she is totally freaked out will work as a huge turn-on for her.

2. Sweat. It. Out.

It is unpleasant. It is gross. But, it is a major turn-on for almost all girls out there. Looking at a hot guy working out hard and sweating out even harder can actually arouse girls like hell. Be it surprising or shocking, it is absolutely TRUE! So, next time you leave the gym, let the sweat flow down your neck, your biceps, your cuts, and…..well……let the magic happen!

3. Give Her A Sneak Peek

So you thought that stealing the glimpse of a hot girl is nothing but a man’s business? Okay, the reverse is also true! When you offer a sneak peek of your cozy hairy chest or stretch a little to reveal your ‘happy trail’ to your girl, she is bound to fall head over heels for you at once. Want to turn up the heat even more? Let her watch you totally drenched with the shirt sticking to your chest. Bang on!

4. Roll Your Sleeves Up, Please!

A pair of strong and well-built forearms with the veins popping out of them is a treat for girls’ eyes. And guess what? When you just casually roll the sleeves of your shirt up to your elbows exposing those nice masculine forearms, the chances are that she has already gone jelly-kneed.

5. Stubble Or Beard? You Decide!

Whether it is a little bit of stubble or full-fledged beard, the hint of facial hair can make girls literally swoon all over a guy. It signifies masculinity, maturity, and sophistication, which cumulatively result in a jaw-dropping combination, thereby turning any man into a hottie. So, give yourself a ‘bearded’ makeover and enjoy your girl struggling with her inner urge every time she meets you.

6. Play With Her…Well…Locks!

Who says that turn-ons are all about sexual pleasure? It can be a ‘hair-y’ affair too! Look into her eyes while she is busy talking to you and run your fingers through her soft, silky locks. Her blushing smile will be enough to make you understand how turned on she is.

7. PDA Is Not Wrong Always!