Lemon is not only known for its bleaching properties but it also is known for its magical properties to eliminate dandruff from the scalp. If you are the one who is dealing with a dandruff problem then try this recipe and see the magic yourself.

Recipe: Squeeze two lemons in a bowl and add some coconut oil in it. If you wish, you can warm the mixture a little to let both the ingredients mix with each other properly. Make sure that you do not over heat the mixture as it might damage your hair follicles.

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which strengthens the bond of hair strands with the scalp and makes them even much stronger than before while recapturing the natural shine of hair.

5) Coconut oil + Honey :

Remember the childhood days, when our moms used to put some coconut oil in our hair in order to make them grow faster and stronger? Yes! Coconut oil works like a charm for hair and is one of the best natural conditioners for hair.

Recipe: Mix your regular coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of honey (or set the proportions according to your hair length) and mix them well to create a fine paste.

Make your hair hang upside down and apply this paste to your scalp very generously. Put on a shower cap to avoid any spilling of paste. Let the paste sit for at least 25 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

This mixture is known for locking in the original color of your hair as well.

6) Avocado + Shea Butter + Coconut Oil :

The scorching heat and the ill tempered sun can really take a toll on your hair. With time, your hair keeps getting frizzy, dry, and rough. Fret not, we have a magical recipe for you that will help your hair retain the lost moisture and will make them naturally nourished.

Recipe: All you need to take is two tablespoon of whipped Shea Butter and mix equal proportions of Coconut oil and Avocado oil in it to make a paste like consistency. Put this paste on your hair from scalp to the tips of your hair to fix the split ends.

Shea Butter is rich in oxidants that regulate the blood flow in the scalp of your hair. It also makes sure that your hair gets rid of all the lice and dandruff problems.

7) Black Tea for Hair :